How Final Fantasy taught me patience

Nobody enjoys waiting and I am no exception. Even today I watch informational videos on fast forward and run upstairs despite the risk. Why? Because there is something better to do afterwards that I don't want to wait for. When I was younger, there was even less tolerance to the tasks in between what I... Continue Reading →

How Stardew Valley improves time management

Time management has never been my strongest point, it’s still something that I have been working on. I cannot count the amount of projects that I ended up working on into late hours of the night wishing I had planned my time. It wasn’t till I was introduced to Stardew Valley that real improvement started... Continue Reading →

How D&D helped me with social anxiety

While growing up in middle and high school I developed social anxiety. Fortunately, my introversion made it easy to just never socialise but, life doesn’t work like that. At some point, you have to buy food, answer the phone and dare I say, greet a stranger. After many years, games slowly started to help me... Continue Reading →

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